Best USB Hub For Gaming

Best USB Hub For Gaming

A quality USB Hub can make all the difference between hours of endless fun and frustration when interfacing your devices with your computer. Depending on what peripherals you’re using, it is possible that either none of them can be used at the same time or some of them will just plain not work properly with regular hubs. This is why having a high-quality USB hub is essential for PC gamers, especially those using their computers to play on.

A best USB c hub for gaming is a must-have accessory for heavy users who need a certain number of ports to support multiple high-end devices. In the world of contemporary gaming, these hubs provide a power supply and save time from having to have multiple portable cables plugged in at once.

If you’ve been playing PC games for any length of time, sooner or later you’ll have to purchase a new mouse, keyboard, or headset. To help prevent headphone and input device interference, these Hub features a splitter that allows you to plug in a single USB peripheral into a single port.

We’ve tested several hubs and found that the USB Hub for Gaming provides the highest quality sound and best compatibility with any mouse, keyboard, or webcam.

Following are our top picks.

Reviews of Best USB Hub for Gaming – Top Picks

Finding the best USB Hub for Gaming isn’t as easy as it seems. There are hundreds of hubs out on the market, all varying in size, number of ports, and design. While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option available, think twice before you make your choice. So we are here to help you.

Here are the products that we have short-listed for the best USB hub for gaming 2021.

1. Anker USB Hub for Gaming

First of all, the Anker USB hub is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It has a sleek design, unlike many other more obtuse-looking hubs. This USB hub works great right out of the box with no drivers needing to be installed, making it truly plug and play. You will love this, especially when setting up a new PC or upgrading your existing one. 

It supports fast data transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps, which is pretty great considering it’s the best in all 4 port USB hubs. The price is of this unit is affordable and it’s a great choice for most PC gamers.

It has three standard USB ports, two of which are 3.0, and one with Power Delivery 2.0, which will allow you to charge USB-C devices quickly.

This Anker USB hub has a pass-through charging feature, which is very convenient. This means that you can power your computer and charge your devices at the same time. A great feature for PC gamers who are always on their computers yet need to charge their smartphones or tablets.

The USB hub offers an extra 4K HDMI port, bringing the total to two. This is great for those who want to extend their screen or use a tablet as a second monitor. What’s even better is that you can run Ultra HD 4K video at 30Hz when you need all the pixels.

Most users will be satisfied with the 1.5-year warranty that comes with this unit. Purchase with confidence knowing that Anker has you covered.

This USB hub allows for easy access to any micro SD cards that are plugged in. It has an SD card reader built-in, which comes in handy for those who need to use an extra memory card or put one of your smaller ones into your USB Hub.

There are a number of memory cards that this USB hub can support, including SDHC, SDXC, microSDHC, and microSDXC. If you shoot a lot of photos or videos with your camera, don’t worry about this USB hub not working. As long as your camera uses one of these cards, this will work for you.

Weighing only 1.8 ounces, this hub is lightweight and easy to carry around. It does not take up much space either, which is great if you are on the go. If you need a USB hub for your business trip or your laptop, this is the one to get.

This USB hub supports 100-watt power delivery and has a DC input and output of 5V/3A. This means that you can power your larger devices such as laptops or even a fan from this USB Hub.

  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac

  • Universal SD Card Compatibility

  • Lightweight

  • Portable hub

  • May not support certain memory cards that are thicker.

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2. Targus USB Hub for Gaming (Best in the low budget)

This unit is the best USB c hub for gaming. It is a multi-function device that can keep you connected to your games, music, and files. The patented design means the docking port is built into the hub, which means you will not have to disconnect from any of those important things when your computer is connected to a USB hub with a mobile device used.

With four LED indicators, the Targus USB Hub for Gaming features a dual record/swap, two extra ports for connecting multiple devices, and highly durable construction that enables you to take your gaming on the go. This hub adds extra connectivity to your computer or laptop via a USB port.

This gaming pc USB hub works with the latest Windows operating systems. The hub measures 10 x 1.5 x 3.8 cm (H x W x D) and weighs 50 g. It can be fixed onto a monitor or to a backplane.

There is no need for any software installation for this package and all the power requirements are provided by the USB connection.

It works with Macintosh OS X, earlier Mac Operating Systems and it is also compatible with USB 2.0 ports (the earlier Mac Operating Systems are not compatible).

This 7 port hub adds 7 more USB ports to your computer to connect more USB devices. It has a 480 Mbps transfer rate when in full-speed mode (12 Mbps for low-speed mode).

  • Compatible with USB 2.0 ports

  • Sleek and Travel Friendly

  • Compact design

  • 2-year Warranty

  • This product is not suitable for use with 3G-enabled mobile phones.
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3. Sabrent USB Hub for Gaming (Best overall)

This high-powered USB hub is designed for maximum compatibility and portability. It makes a perfect addition to your laptop or netbook, which only has 2-3 ports available.

This hub is extremely easy to install and use. It adds seven (7) USB 2.0 downstream ports to your computer. Connect up to 7 devices such as external hard drives, mice, keyboards, printers, and flash drives, etc. at once.

Power-saving functionality saves you the cost of replacing batteries in wireless mice and keyboards. Traffic light design lets you know at a glance whether it is working properly or not.

It has LED lights to show you which USB port is connected, so you can easily find the right port without any confusion. It also works right out of the box with no software or drivers required.

This is one of the best USB hub for pc because it is made from fire retardant plastic and features a built-in cord wrap to make it easy for storage or transport.

This product is compatible with Windows 98SE /ME/ 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7, Mac OS 8.6 and above, Linux 2.4.2x and above.

5Gbps is the maximum speed that this adapter supports. It can provide 480 Mbps at high speed. It can be easily connected with any USB device for input-output. Full metal casing ensures durability.

The 9 PIN connector design meets the design requirement of gamers. Easy to install and remove, this gadget provides users with great convenience. You can conveniently access your USB devices on this Sabrent hub so you can save more time and effort. With it, you do not have to take out your PC game controller or mouse each time you want to play a computer game to play the game comfortably!

  • 9 PIN connector design

  • Compatible with many Windows operating systems

  • Made from fire retardant plastic

  • Provide 480 Mbps at high speed

  • None found yet.

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4. Atolla USB Hub for Gaming (Best for professional use)

This hub is the best USB hub that you can use to connect your controllers, audio equipment, flash disk, etc., with your computer. It has a total of 8 ports and gives out a 500 mA power supply.

It also meets USB v3.1 specifications for up to 10 Gbps bandwidth. The entire body is made up of aluminum material which makes it stylish.

Atolla’s new USB hubs come in three different variations. The basic version has a single USB port to quickly add extra peripherals when gaming. It also offers a model with three ports, which can be set to use a USB controller when plugged into a PC and used as wired gaming peripheral.

Finally, it has created a gaming pad version of its hub, which adds 360-degree finger tracking and allows users to control PC games by moving their fingers in the air the hub.

It is the Best USB hub for streamers because this hub is not just about its ports, but about the whole combined experience it offers to gamers, especially those who play competitive games online, where every little advantage counts to win the game for your team.

This unit is a simple yet powerful gadget that works by connecting to your PC with the included USB port, turning one plug into four. Not only useful for connecting many devices at one time, but it’s also handy when you need to connect multiple high-drain devices that require two or more USB ports. It can expand your workspace by allowing you to use additional ports.

This hub is one the best USB Hub for PS4 because it does not only function as a regular USB hub, but it also supports the new PlayStation 4 Pro with added controller/peripheral support.

We recommend you this hub if you need a sturdy and decent USB hub for your gaming needs.

  • Sturdy and decent USB hub

  • It is simple to operate

  • Syncing at Super speed

  • 5V/3A Power Adapter

  • Sometimes it lags a little bit
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5. Aorz USB Hub for Gaming

This heavy-powered USB hub is a very interesting product that can be a very useful one in certain circumstances. It comes with 4 ports that can expand your gaming experience and give you more accessibility to your devices.

It is compact, small, and very light; making it easy to transport around with you wherever you are going. It is compatible with all the latest devices on the market which makes it an even more attractive product for gamers.

On top of that, it is compatible with many games. This hub is built out of heavy-duty materials that are very resistant to breaking.

It has a fast charge feature that can be very useful for gamers on the go. It will automatically switch to a high power mode when it detects a device that is compatible with a fast charge.

This system is compatible with all almost all gaming devices. This can be very useful for gamers who play on different consoles and want to use their services at the same time. You can access your XBOX, PS4, PC, and 3DS devices at the same time with this USB hub.

It has LED lighting that changes colors depending on the device plugged into it. It is very attractive and good-looking. The USB hub is very good-looking and compact. It will not take up much space wherever you are using it. It is very cheap and affordable.

We recommend this device because of its useful features and attractive colors. It is a nice product with a good price that can be very useful for gamers.

  • 4-Port USB Hub

  • Have attractive colors

  • Compatible with all almost all gaming devices

  • Affordable price

  • The color of the USB ports is not customizable.
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6. Upgrow USB Hub for Gaming

If you are looking for a USB hub, but want something specifically made for gaming, this is it. The Upgrow USB Hub for Gaming has a USB 3.0 that is 10 times faster than USB 2.0, as well as a built-in controller to prevent lag.

It is the Best USB hub for streamers because it has a built-in controller that can be set to three different modes: Gaming, Protection, and Energy-saving. This Gaming Hub has a standard 4-port USB hub as well as an additional 3 ports. The Upgrow USB gaming hub is compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, and PC (Windows / Mac OS).

This hub can be connected to game consoles, TVs, Blu-ray players, and other USB-powered devices. The Upgrow USB gaming hub is also compatible with the NES Classic Mini console.

This is a product for gamers, but it can be used for other purposes as well. It is a great way to add more USB ports for charging your phone or tablet, transfer movies and music, and much more.

With a 4K video adapter, you can enjoy ultra HD video from your laptop or desktop on a 4K HDTV, projector, or monitor. It is one of the best USB Hub for PS4.

In addition to the HDMI port, you can also connect to a VGA port. All of our adapters are plug-and-play and do not require drivers or external power.

You can use the 4K video adapter to connect a computer, PS4, or Xbox One S / X to a 4K monitor for an enhanced game or video viewing experience.

This product lets you connect your MacBook with a USB-C port to multiple devices with just one adapter.

This unit is equipped with the latest USB-C port, one USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gbps) Type-C port, one HDMI Video Port, and one VGA Display Port. It is made from premium aluminum and comes in a sleek silver finish.

  • Fast data transfer

  • Built-in controller

  • Three different modes

  • 4-port USB hub

  • USB cables may break away after some time.

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7. Amazon Basics USB Hub for Gaming

This USB hub is the most aesthetically pleasing on this list, with its beautiful black box design. This design is meant to be placed directly in front of the user when used, which makes this hub better suited for stationary computers.

It comes with a long cord, which is well suited for stationary computing. It features four USB ports to connect your gaming peripherals. The Amazon Basics USB hub is compatible with: Windows 10, Windows XP/Vista/7/8, and Mac OS X 10 or higher.

This product is plug-and-play, which means all you need to do is connect it with your computer and start using it. This is a USB 3.0 hub and as such it performs faster than older versions.

This hub is a pretty good option for anyone looking for a cheap USB hub that can fit directly under a monitor or keyboard.

We recommend this hub for People with stationary computers People who want a simple, but functional USB hub on a budget.

  • Cheap USB hub

  • 4 USB ports

  • Compatible with Windows 10, Windows XP/Vista/7/8, and Mac OS X 10 or higher

  • Portable

  • Sometimes not properly work with the laptops.
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8. BYEASY USB Hub for Gaming

This hub is seriously awesome. At first glance, it looks like a cute and small USB hub and you wouldn’t assume that it has all those brilliant features. It is very easy to set up, plug it into your computer or console and that’s it.

Recently, we tested it on our Xbox One console and the results were satisfying. We didn’t encounter any connection issues or anything like that. This USB hub is supported by Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP (32/64bit).

Furthermore, you can use it for all your USB devices like mouse, keyboard, gamepads, etc. In terms of compatibility, this hub is compatible with any console that has a USB input. For example, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U (Pro, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, etc.

It allows you to connect up to 4 devices at once and it’s great for multiplayer games like FIFA 18 & GTA 5 etc. We tested it with FIFA 18 and the results were good.

In terms of multiplayer online gaming, it allows you to add up two more players in your game which brings a whole new level of excitement when playing these kinds of games. The ByEasy hub automatically detects your connected devices and allocates them their controller ID for easy recognition in-game.

It’s pretty light and compact and doesn’t take up any space which means it is perfect for traveling.

  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP (32/64bit)

  • Multiplayer online gaming feature (add up to 2 players)

  • Comes with an installation CD

  • Detects your connected devices automatically

  • USB 3.0 speeds supported SD card reader included

  • Not much high-quality power supply.
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Best USB Hub for Gaming – Buying Guide

Choosing one of the best USB hubs for gaming is a difficult task, especially if you don’t know much about them. There are so many features that you can look for. It’s not like there is only one USB hub that serves all the purposes. So here are some of the things that you should consider before buying one:


Make sure that your hub is compatible with both your devices and OS (Operating System). There are USB hubs that work with certain kinds of consoles and not with others. So if you want to use it with your console, make sure that you buy one that is specifically made for the console.

 Number of Ports

For a wireless hub, the more ports it has, the better. So you should look for a USB hub that has at least 4-5 ports. Also, the USB ports should be able to provide enough power to your devices.


A USB hub with a higher speed is something you should look for because such devices don’t only work faster, but they are compatible with all the devices you plug into them.

 Number Of Devices Connected

You should look for a gaming USB hub that will allow you to connect numerous devices at once. For example, if you are playing games on your Xbox One or PS4, then it’s better to choose a USB hub that allows you to connect up to 4 devices at once.

 Warranty and Customer Service

You should always look for a hub that is backed by a warranty and customer service. This is because it shows the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.


Last but not the least, it’s always better to choose USB hubs that are small and compact as such devices don’t take up much space and they are also lightweight.


Q. Do USB hubs affect performance?

A. Yes, they can. It depends on the number of devices you are using and also, the USB hub’s speed. But for a gaming hub, it’s better to look for a USB hub that is specific for gaming and comes with a lot of ports.

Q. What is the maximum number of USB devices I can connect to a hub?

A. It depends on the number of USB ports the hub has and also, the power that it can provide. Most USB hubs are compatible with up to 4 devices at once.

Q. Do USB hubs add lag?

A. The lag depends on the bandwidth and transfer speed. But if you choose a gaming USB hub, it won’t take ages to transfer files from one device to another.

Q. What should I look for in a powered USB hub?

A. The number of ports, USB speed, and number of devices connected at once, warranty, and customer services. It’s always better to choose a USB hub that is compatible with your devices and comes with a warranty.

Q. Do I always need to buy expensive USB hubs?

A. No, you don’t. As long as you look for the right USB hub that meets your needs and comes with a warranty, then it’s alright to buy one that is a little cheaper.


An ideal USB hub has a lot of ports, comes with an installation CD, and has enough power to supply. They are extremely important because they allow you to connect multiple devices at once and transfer files at a much faster rate.

If you want to buy the best gaming hub at a low price, then Targus USB Hub for Gaming

Is the best because it has a good speed and also it supports many devices. You can connect up to 4 devices simultaneously without any hurdles.

If you have no budget issue then you can buy Sabrent USB Hub for Gaming with a fast speed and the most important thing is that it allows you to connect many devices at once.

Hope this guide would be helpful for you in buying the best USB hub for gaming 2021. If you like it then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members.


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