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Best Macbook Pro Chargers with USB-C Support (2023)

A good MacBook pro charger is essential to keeping your MacBook running. Without a good charger, you may find that your battery life diminishes quickly or that your computer will not charge at all. If you’re looking for a reliable and the best charger for MacBook Pro, then we’ve got you covered. So, keep reading! […]

Best N64 to USB Adapter

Best N64 to USB Adapter | 2022 Reviews + Guide

  If you are into Nintendo 64 games, you know how important it is to connect your N64 console to your PC, but you still struggle to find the right converter.┬áThere are many ways to get n64 games on your PC and Mac, but most of them require you to use outdated cables and adapters. […]

Best USB to SATA Adapter (Our Top 8 Recommendations!)

When you need to free up space or just add extra storage to your computer then you should consider using the best USB to SATA adapter because it allows you to connect any SATA hard drive right into your computer through a standard USB port! This means that adding more storage has never been easier! […]

USB To HDMI Converters Adapters

Top 10 USB To HDMI Converters/Adapters

If you are looking for a USB To HDMI Converters, then this is the right place. We will review and compare some of the best products available on the market. We think that everybody should be able to enjoy their content on an external monitor without having to spend too much money on it. That’s […]

SOLVED: USB-C to HDMI Adapter Cable Not Working (2023)

Do you have a problem of USB C to HDMI connection not working and delaying whatever you want to achieve by connecting them together? Are you getting frustrated by the problem of USB C to HDMI not working well? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then this article is for […]

Best Type-C OTG Adapters For Mobiles

Best Type-C OTG Adapters For Mobiles

At times, you might want to transfer files from your mobile to a pen drive or an external hard drive. Instead of using a computer to complete the transfer, you can use a Type-C OTG adapter to connect the pen drive or external HDD directly to your mobile. If you use a computer to transfer […]

Top 15 USB Type-C to HDMI Converters to Connect External Monitor

Top 15 USB Type-C to HDMI Converters to Connect External Monitor

There could be times when you want to use an external monitor with your MacBook, which has only Type-C ports. You can use a USB-C to HDMI adapter to connect an external monitor with your MacBook in those situations. If your work requires multiple monitors, including a MacBook, a Type-C to HDMI converter can help […]