USB-C To HDMI Not Working (Solved)

USB-C To HDMI Not Working

Initially when you face a problem with your USB- C to HDMI not working, then first of all you need to check for the driver update. The majority of the time people face this problem because of any specific driver.

Therefore, it is recommended to update the USB-HDMI driver. There are various applications and programs you can use to update the drivers

Reasons For USB-C To HDMI Not Working

  • Problem with drivers
  • Recently downloaded windows updates can also cause an issue for USB-C to HDMI
  • There could be a problem with the HDMI adapter.
  • HDMI or even USB port could be broken.
  • There could be some compatibility issues.
  • Order of connecting devices.

How do I troubleshoot my USB C to HDMI?

Below stated are some of the possible solutions for USB C to HDMI not working on android and PC.

1. HDMI USB driver update

  • You need to open the device manager.
  • After opening, expand other devices.
  • Then, click on the USB device and check for the option of update driver. There will be so many options of the drivers available and you need to select the one according to your requirement.

The major problem is due to the USB-HDMI driver not being correctly installed or it is an incompatible driver.

Updating the driver of the USB-HDMI may solve the problem instantly.

Automatic update driver is usually turned on, so you can find the right driver on the company’s website and all you have to do is do little research to find the right driver.

The best thing to update your driver correctly is to utilize a third-party utility that will scan your hardware and you will be given the options of the latest version of the driver. One of the popular application for solving driver related issues in PC is Driver Easy.

2. Windows 10 Build Update cancelled

The second issue of USB C to HDMI not working is the latest Window 10 update which can cause issues with proper working of the system.

For solving this problem you need to cancel the update.

  • Press Windows + S and open the search window.
  • Then search for the updates in the search field.
  • Next, click on restore to open settings.
  • In the next step, you need to press the Start button under the option of Restore a previous version of Window 10.
  • Updates of Windows can be undone within 10 days of the update.
  • The above-mentioned instructions will move the platform backward.

The majority of the users have claimed that their USB C to HDMI stopped working after the update of Windows 10. And for resetting the current update, use the above-mentioned method.

3. Choose another USB port/hub

Sometimes there are problems with the USB -C port connection with the HDMI adapter. However, such problems happen due to security issues or slowdown errors found in PC.

Run a complete PC scan to find out the problems causing slowdown and security errors. In the recovery process, the damaged and outdated files of the Windows are replaced by the new files and also components.

However, sometimes the issue might be because of the USB port that you are connecting with the HDMI adapter. Thus, it is suggested to use any other USB port on your laptop or PC. If you are connecting the USB port with an HDMI hub then you must try changing that too as there might be a problem with the hardware as well.

There are so many HDMI hubs available in the markets that allow you to connect multiple USBs at a time. And before repairing your PC it is best to check for the hardware that is connected.

4. Detecting Changes in Equipment

  • If using Windows 10, right-click on the Start button and then select the Device Manager in the menu of Win + X.
  • Choose my computer at the top of the Device Manager.
  • Press on that to open the menu.
  • Right Click on your PC Name and Choose the options” Scan For Hardware Changes”
  • Then attempt to find the USB to HDMI adapter after proper scanning.

Windows can easily find out any USB-HDMI connection after the hardware changes. The above solution will solve the issue of many users but not for all.

Some users need to replace their HDMI adapters so that they can work properly. Similarly, these solutions are used for solving USB-C to HDMI not working. If the adapter of your HDMI is still in warranty, then you can replace it or send it to the manufacturers for repair. And if you want to try it on your own then there are PC recovery tools that can help in troubleshooting the problem.

  • Initially, you need to download the PC recovery tool, download the tool having excellent reviews.
  • Afterwards, start Scan, by clicking the Start button and all results will be shown for the issues causing PC problems.
  • Select “Repair All”, this will fix all of the problems causing problems with USB-C to HDMI connection.

5. Order of Connecting Devices

Sometimes there can be issues with the ports on your PC on which you are trying to connect. It is necessary to find out the correct order of connecting devices. If not, then this could be a problem for your USB-C connection with the HDMI.  Try to connect your HDMI adapter to your main device like laptop, PC or smartphone and this will solve the problem.

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Thus USB-C to HDMI not functioning is not a big issue. This issue can be solved easily by following the proper steps.

Still, if the problem exists then you need to contact the PC experts to find out about the problem causing this issue.

Also, never attempt solutions told everywhere. Always go for the solutions available on authentic and genuine websites. Further, you do not need to worry a lot as this is a small issue and it can be solved instantly.


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