USB Headset PS4 not working and Microphone Issue

Is your PS4 console not recognizing the USB headset? Do not worry; I will help you in figuring out the reason behind the problem and how to deal with it so that you can enjoy your gaming experience without any hurdles.

Everybody wants a perfect gaming adventure on PS4, which is possible with incredible audio effects. This purpose could be served by a high-quality surround sound system; however, I am sure you won’t want to bother others. That is why using USB headsets is a wise option.

In most cases, any USB headset would work with PS4. However, if under certain circumstances, your USB Headset PS4 is not working, try rebooting it. Still, the same problem persists? Follow the given instructions carefully.

PS4 not recognizing USB headsets – Solution

Are you confused and asking yourself that why won’t my USB headset work with PS4.  Let me drive your confusion away.

There are certain cases where USB headsets are unable to be recognized and configured by the PS4 system. There are two possible reasons behind it;

  1. Defect in manufacturing of the USB headsets
  2. Mistakes in connection and configuration of headphones.

To check and fix the problem, follow these steps carefully:

  • Go to the “settings” in the menu.
  • Select the option, “Devices”.
  • Further select “Audio Devices”.
  • Finally, click on “Headsets/Headphones”.

In case, the PS4 system is not able to recognize the headsets, the bar of the volume will appear to be grayed out. Follow these steps to solve the problem:

  • Push the adapter headsets into the console with a force.
  • Do not use too much force otherwise you may damage the audio port of the controller.
  • You will hear a “click” sound.
  • The soundbar will no longer appear to be grayed out.
  • Adjust the volume to make sure if headsets have been recognized as the audio output by the system.

When you see that the graying out of the soundbar has disappeared, this suggests that the system has recognized your headsets.

These helpful instructions tell you how to reset the PS4 headset in a few easy steps. Now you are ready to enjoy the PS4 audio through your USB Headsets.

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PS4 USB Headset Mic not working

Is your PS4 not recognizing headset mic? Chill out! We will fix your problem in a matter of minutes.

Why would you need a microphone when you are playing a game on PS4? Well, while gaming, communicating with your fellow gamers makes the experience more exciting and fun. To stream your online gaming properly, you need to use microphones.

Many gamers use microphones that are incorporated with their headsets. Sometimes you might face difficulties in listening to chat audio which suggests that your PS4 Headset mic is not working properly.

Let’s discuss what the problem might be and how to solve it.

Most of the time the issue might be very basic, like;

  • Dust or lint inside the USB slot
  • Incorrect audio settings/Muted headset

Try cleaning the USB slot or unmuting the headset microphone in these cases. However, sometimes the problem is not this little, so let’s see what else could be the fault and how to fix that.

Try using the headset on any other device

Try using your USB headset microphone on any other device, preferably on another PS4. If the mic is not working here as well, then it is easy for you to figure out that the headset is faulty.

Modding the PS4

Make sure that you have updated your PS4 to the latest version of the software. However, if you realize that the problem began after updating, try reverting to the older version.

PS4 sound setting verification

Follow these steps to find out if the sound output is configured properly and the adjustments of sound levels of the mic are correct.

  1. On the PS4 home screen, select “Settings
  2. Click on “Devices
  3. Now select “audio devices
  4. Click on “Input devices
  5. Be sure that “headset connected to controller” has been selected
  6. Select “output devices
  7. See if “ headset connected to controller” is selected
  8. Now click on “adjust microphone level
  9. Select “input volume” and then “Microphone level
  10. Click on “volume control”. Adjust the level to maximum.
  11. Now click on “output to headphones
  12. Finally, select “All audio”

These steps will help in the proper configuration of PS4 settings. At point 8, check if your microphone is being detected by the PS4 system, if it is, this means your USB microphone is now working properly with the PS4 console. Now nothing can stop you to to enjoy your PS4 gaming experience at its peak because now you can hear and communicate with your gamer friends without any problem.

This is how you can troubleshoot mic issues with your PS4 headsets. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the game with PS4 USB headset mic!

We hope now PS4 not recognizing USB headsets have been fixed and this article has helped you, if yes, do share it with your gamer friends.

Thank you for reading!

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