Can you use USB Headset on Xbox one

Can you use USB Headset on Xbox one? (Explanation)

The Xbox one is a really popular game console in the market. Whether you’re playing games for fun or for a competitive edge, you need a USB headset for the Xbox One.  There are different types of USB headsets for Xbox one, available in the market; however, you should choose the one that has great […]

USB Headset not working with PS4

USB Headset PS4 not working and Microphone Issue

Is your PS4 console not recognizing the USB headset? Do not worry; I will help you in figuring out the reason behind the problem and how to deal with it so that you can enjoy your gaming experience without any hurdles. Everybody wants a perfect gaming adventure on PS4, which is possible with incredible audio […]

How to Connect USB headset to PS4

Connecting a USB headset to PS4 is not a piece of cake, but it can be achieved and it will result in having a great gaming experience. You just need to follow a few simple steps, to learn how to connect USB headsets to PS4. Who doesn’t want an incredible audio experience while playing games […]