Best USB Multiport Wall Chargers For Fast Charging

While working from home, you need a multiport fast charger to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Although there are so many multiport chargers, not all of them are fast charging-enabled. However, here are some of the best USB multiport wall chargers for fast charging your mobiles, tablets, etc. At times, you might need a fast charger […]

Best USB Sticks and HDMI cables For Smart TV You Can Buy

Your smart TV is not 100% smart if you do not have a USB stick to broadcast your screen onto another device. At times, you might want to stream your content on your smart TV or even an aged TV. It is possible if you have a USB stick or cable. That is why you […]

Best USB HD Webcam For Video Conference

If you are working from home and you often require to attend some video conferences, a HD webcam can be handy for you. Instead of relying on low quality laptop’s webcam, you should buy a USB HD webcam to get better quality, and performance. There could be times, when you might want to offer a […]

Best 45-Watt USB Chargers For Quick Charging

If your mobile supports 45-watt charging but the mobile manufacturer has given a low-quality charger, you can check out these 45-watt USB chargers to recharge your mobile. These chargers would charge your mobile faster than the original charger because of the power output. As many mobile manufacturers include low-wattage charger with their high-wattage supported mobiles, […]

Best Type-C OTG Adapters For Mobiles

At times, you might want to transfer files from your mobile to a pen drive or an external hard drive. Instead of using a computer to complete the transfer, you can use a Type-C OTG adapter to connect the pen drive or external HDD directly to your mobile. If you use a computer to transfer […]

Top 10 Quick Charging Hub And Wall Ports

Almost all of us use multiple devices these days, don’t we? There could be situations when you would want to simultaneously charge more than one device. In such situations, you can try using a quick charging hub or a wall port which allows you to charge more than one device at a time. If you […]

Top 15 USB Type-C to HDMI Converters to Connect External Monitor

There could be times when you want to use an external monitor with your MacBook, which has only Type-C ports. You can use a USB-C to HDMI adapter to connect an external monitor with your MacBook in those situations. If your work requires multiple monitors, including a MacBook, a Type-C to HDMI converter can help […]

15 Best USB 3.0 Multi-Purpose Flash Drives in 2023

All of us get annoyed when computers decrease the data transfer speed, don’t we? As transfer-rate depends on the hardware, a USB 3.0 pen drive is an essential and handy device you must use to transfer data quickly from one computer to another. As compared to a USB 2.0 pen drive, USB pen drives 3.0 […]