MacBook Pro USB C Ports Not Working? 5 Possible Solutions

Being a Mac user, you must be using the USB ports on your MacBook Pro for almost everything. From data transfer or charging the device to hooking up a headset, flash drive, printer, and syncing to an MP3 player, you are using them for multiple tasks. That’s why it is named Universal Serial Bus, designed […]

USB Issues On Mac & Related FAQs Answered

While Mac computers work seamlessly, several issues eventually pop up out of nowhere. Although these issues are small technical glitches, they can affect performance in the long run if left unresolved.  One such issue is the sudden connectivity error in Mac’s USB ports that is preventing you from connecting any external device and peripherals to […]

Can I Connect a USB Stick to my iPad? Solutions

It’s true, you can use an external drive as a portable storage device for your iPad. In this post, we are going to explore how to connect a USB stick to your iPad so you can transfer files between the two devices. In this article, we will explain how you can connect a USB stick […]

How To Rename a Flash Drive on Mac?

Do you want to learn how to rename a flash drive on Mac? Well, it’s not a tough row to hoe, a few simple steps will help you in renaming your memory drive within a matter of minutes. Sometimes, while working on Mac, you have a number of flash drives, and you don’t want to […]