8 Best Keyboards with USB Hub (USB Passthrough)

Have you tried a keyboard with a USB hub? If not, then you’re missing out on the best way to increase your productivity. Whether you’re a writer, a gamer, or someone who spends long hours in front of a computer, these keyboards are helpful in many ways.

The problem is that many keyboards don’t have enough ports to connect or charge multiple devices at once. You either need an additional keyboard or buy another hub for your desk. This can be frustrating because oftentimes the hubs are more expensive than the keyboards themselves!

What is USB Passthrough in Keyboards?

Some keyboards feature an extra female USB port (This feature is known as “USB Passthrough” in the keyboard world), which is meant for connecting extra USB devices such as your mouse, flash drive, or gamepad to your keyboard. When connected, you can pass through the USB communication between your computer and the device to the keyboard allowing it to share this communication with your computer. This lets the devices be recognized by your computer and you can use them normally while they are connected to your keyboard.

We have found a solution in this article by reviewing the best keyboards with USB passthrough combo units available today. Now we’re sharing our findings so you can choose which option will work best for your needs!

Best Keyboards with USB hub – Our Top Picks

If you’re looking to buy a new keyboard for your computer, you might be wondering if it has USB passthrough. So what exactly is this, and what do you need it for? This article will run through three of the best keyboards with USB passthrough — we’ll cover their pros and cons, as well as some tips on how to decide which one’s right for you.

We’ve found several products that solve this issue by offering keyboards with USB passthrough built-in. Some even come with other useful features, like an ergonomic wrist rest.

Whether you’re looking for a full-size keyboard or something compact that’s more portable. In addition, we include a buying guide at the end which helps you to buy the right product.

1. Perixx USB Keyboard with HUB – Our Top Pick

The keyboard combo unit is made by a very famous brand Perixx. The unique feature of this product is that it has two USB ports. This keyboard with a USB hub also provides an ergonomic design which can help to improve typing speed and accuracy.

We loved that it only takes a few minutes to install this keyboard on your computer through the USB port. All in all, we strongly recommend this product due to its innovative design, high quality, and good price.

We tested this keyboard and it provides accurate typing so you’ll be able to write correctly. Also, the keyboard is very lightweight and easy to take anywhere you go!

  • Ergonomic design

  • Reasonable Price

  • Lightweight and easy to carry

  • 2 USB Ports

  • Accurate typing

  • Not good for professional gamers

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2. Das Mechanical Keyboard with USB passthrough – Top Recommended

The Das Keyboard is designed with amazing features. It has a USB 3.0 hub that enables you to connect your smartphone or other devices through the keyboard.

The keyboard also provides an Applets Q App which suggests useful apps that you can use according to your desire. We loved this feature of this product because some keyboards provide common functions, but this one provides special functions which are useful for everyone.

This USB passthrough Keyboard is made of anodized aluminum top panel that looks appealing and makes it easy to clean. Also, the volume knob on this keyboard lets you control the sound without using the mouse!

We also liked that it had a multicolor LED backlighting feature which can be adjusted to different brightness levels. We loved all these elegant features of this keyboard so much that we put it on our list so this keyboard is the best choice for you.

  • Volume knob

  • Anodized aluminum top panel

  • Multicolor LED backlighting feature

  • Applets Q

  • 2 USB Ports

  • Feel heavy to carry
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3. Logitech Gaming Keyboard with USB Ports – Budget Friendly

This keyboard is designed to provide the best performance. It has Romer g switches which are top of the line with a precise click and smooth action. We tested this keyboard and it allows smooth typing which is very necessary for those people who love to write.

Also, it has a sleek brushed aluminum alloy panel which looks excellent on any desk! This product has everything you need for your office or homework and it’s available at an affordable price.

We loved that this keyboard provides an additional USB cable so you don’t have to worry about where to share your ports. It also has a customizable backlighting feature that allows you to set the color for each key.

We think this product is worth buying because it provides great features at an excellent price. That’s why this keyboard made our list of products with the best USB hub. It has a brushed alloy top panel which makes it look very elegant and easy to clean. We recommend this USB port keyboard to everyone who wants value for their money.

  • Sleek brushed aluminum panel

  • Offers more room on your desk

  • Additional USB cable

  • Romer G switches

  • Customizable backlighting feature

  • Stains easily when dust gets in the crack
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4. Adesso Multimedia USB Keyboard with 3 USB Female Ports

Adesso keyboard is designed with all the features that are necessary for your home or office. It has 3 built-in USB HUBS which allow you to plug in any device without worrying about where to connect your USB. Also, it provides multimedia controls and Windows one-touch controls which are a plus for this product.

This keyboard is made of a quiet membrane key switch which doesn’t produce audible clicking sounds while typing. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something that’s going to provide you with the most comfortable typing experience.

We recommend this keyboard because it has all the necessary functions that you can expect from a USB hub keyboard, and these features make it a great choice for everyone who’s looking for a new USB hub.

We found an interesting feature while testing this keyboard; it has multimedia controls that let you control the sound without using the mouse. This is very convenient if you’re listening to music or watching a video etc., and that’s why this little feature put this keyboard on our list.

We use this keyboard for almost a month and we haven’t found any problems with it yet. It has a strong build and reliable performance that makes it stable enough for our office work and also a great choice for home use.

  • Provides comfortable typing experience

  • Multimedia Controls

  • Windows one-touch controls

  • 3 Built-in USB Hubs

  • Quiet Membrane Key Switches

  • Don’t have RGB lighting
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5. Macally Full-Size USB Keyboard with USB passthrough

Macally keyboard is designed for macOS and it’s a great choice if you want something compatible with your computer. This USB hub keyboard has 2 integrated USB Hubs which will allow you to connect any device that uses the USB port.

We tested this product and we were very satisfied with its performance, and we recommend it to anyone who wants a quality keyboard with USB hub for their office or home. This product also has 16 APPLE SHORTCUTS which makes it very easy to use the F1-F16 keys with your Mac OS.

Also, this HUB keyboard is lightweight and it’s perfect if you’re looking for something comfortable that you can take anywhere if needed. It has a sleek design that makes it a great companion even for traveling.

One thing that we most liked about this product is how easy it was to set up the USB Hubs, and after plugging it in we had no problems using all of our devices with ease. This keyboard with USB passthrough has a low profile style that will allow you to rest your wrists on the desk comfortably, and that’s another great reason why we consider this product to you.

  • 2 Built-in USB Hubs

  • Sleek design

  • Lightweight

  • 16 APPLE SHORTCUTS for Mac OS users

  • Low profile design for comfortable wrists

  • Responsive tactile keys

  • Don’t have RGB lighting

No cable management system is available.

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6. Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with a USB hub

Rosewill Mechanical Keyboard is a great choice if you’re looking for a keyboard with USB passthrough with tactile brown switches. This USB hub keyboard has 2 ports that allow you to connect any device that uses the USB connectivity.

We tested this product and we found it very convenient and comfortable to use, and we recommend it because of its quality and value for money. We found out that this hub keyboard has a great build and it’s very sturdy which is perfect if you’re going to use it for hard work.

It also has 15 different BACKLIT MODE SHORTCUTS that will let you choose the backlit color you prefer, and the keyboard is very responsive and the keys are quiet which makes it a great choice for home or office if you’re looking for such features.

The volume dial allows you to control the volume of your computer with ease, and if you’re looking for something simple but high quality this is a great choice and it also has a tactile brown switch that looks great and feels very comfortable to use.

The magnetic wrist rest is one of the best features that we liked, and it allows you to rest your wrist comfortably while working and reduce the chance of wrist pain. Sturdy build stainless steel It has 6 MONTHS WARRANTY which makes it trustworthy, and it’s very easy to set up with any device.

When we regularly used this keyboard we figure out the brightness button which is very convenient if you’re working in a room with bad lighting. You simply tap the button to dim the lights and tap again to make them brighter.

  • 15 RGB backlit mode shortcuts

  • Media key

  • Volume dial

  • Tactile Brown Switches

  • 2 ports USB hubs

  • Magnetic Wrist Rest

  • No Wireless Connection Option is available.
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7. Redragon K550 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with USB passthrough

Redragon K550 is a product that we recommend if you’re looking for a HUB keyboard with a detachable wrist rest. This one is very convenient because it rests your wrist comfortably while you are working.

It has an RGB BACKLIT MODE that allows you to choose the color you prefer, and it has very responsive tactile feedback. Also, it quite makes it perfect if you’re looking for something that will allow you to work in peace without disturbing your neighbors or family members.

The keyboard is very sturdy and it’s ready for travel with your laptop because of its portable design, and if you’re a gamer this product will be perfect to use at home or while traveling because it provides a good gaming experience.

We used this keyboard and it has a USB passthrough port that will allow you to connect other devices such as flash drives via the USB port, and it’s very easy to set up and it comes with custom purple switches that are very responsive and quiet so you can use it for work, gaming or both.

Also likes its classic design that looks great for office or home use, so you can have the best of both worlds with this product. We use this keyboard in our office and we feel no difference with our desk fountains. It has detachable wrist rest which allows you to detach whenever you feel that you do not need wrist rest.

  • Detachable wrist rest

  • Custom Purple Switches

  • USB pass-through port

  • Ideal for both gaming and office work

  • Classic design

  • Ideal for travel

  • No Volume dial
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8. Wired Slim Keyboard with Touchpad and extra USB hub

If you’re looking for something that is plug and plays all you have to do is connect the USB cable and it will work instantly, this USB HUB keyboard has a touch panel, slim keyboard, high build quality, and provides a comfortable zone.

It has an anti-ghosting feature and the keycaps are removable so you can clean it very easily. The touch panel is very convenient, you can use it to browse the web or open any system item without even moving your fingers from the keyboard.

It has built-in function keys that you can use to perform shortcuts for your system such as volume, brightness, etc. It also has a NUM lock switch that will allow you to choose between a number keypad and a normal keyboard.

We used this keyboard and it provided a good experience with its touch panel. It’s very useful to use, you can easily navigate through the internet and access any item that you want. The key feel is pretty good because it’s not too soft or too hard so for extended use, it will be perfect.

So we recommend this product if you’re looking for a comfortable and good-quality USB keyboard with a touch panel because the experience is very comfortable.

  • High Quality

  • Comfortable

  • Responsive

  • Touch panel

  • Slim design

  • Anti-ghosting feature

  • No Wireless Connection Option is available.
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Best Keyboards with USB Hub – Buying Guide

Before buying a USB HUB keyboard you need to know what these keyboards do. They basically allow you to connect multiple devices such as flash drives and other input devices such as a standard mouse or even a gaming pad. These keyboards can ensure compatibility with your PC so now you don’t have to worry about installing every single device separately, now everything will be working automatically.

Now let’s see what factors you need to take into consideration before buying one of them:

Size and design

The size, form factor, and design are very important because they will determine whether the keyboard is comfortable for your hands. So look for a product that feels firm, strong to carry it with ease or without any hassle and it should be easy to set up.

Special keys and key features

Also, you need to check if the keyboard has special functions such as volume dials so you do not have to navigate through the settings of your PC, because it will be time-consuming, and if you have a limited screen area when playing games so it’s better to have a keypad for volume control.

USB hub

Another thing that you need to take into consideration is the built-in USB hub, most of these keyboards come with one or two ports and it is perfect when you want to connect your flash drive or other input devices such as a mouse.

Comfort and number of keys

When buying a keyboard you need to check if it has a wrist rest that will provide comfort during long use, also check how many keys it has, if you’re buying a standard keyboard then look for one which has at least 101-104 keys.

Tactile Keys

A tactile keyboard is the one that will provide a good experience because it has scissor-type switches that will allow you to bounce back faster and accurately for better performances.

Wireless Connection

Now let’s talk about the wireless connection, for some reason you might need a wireless keyboard such as if your desktop is too far away from your work position or maybe you want to add convenience to your workspace, so in these cases you can look for keyboards with wireless connection.


Also, you need to check if the keyboard is compatible with your PC because there are some devices that will not work on a particular system and it’s completely a different topic. So look for a product that has good reviews and best seller rank.


Q. Does the USB hub affect the mouse and keyboard?

A. No, USB hubs are designed to get power from the computer itself and do not affect or disturb the mouse or keyboard in any way.

Q. What’s the difference between wireless and wired keyboards?

A. A wired keyboard is connected directly to your computer while a wireless keyboard uses Bluetooth connection or radio frequency signals to let users work freely in their workspace.

Q. How do I clean my keyboard?

A. You have to use a small brush and some isopropyl alcohol for cleaning the keys from dust and debris that are sticking to the sides. All you have to do is take a wet cloth and gently wipe down the keys so they are free of debris or dust, for cleaning the inside of the keyboard you can use compressed air.


A USB Keyboard with a hub is most convenient for people who spend most of their time in front of the computer. It will increase your work performance while eliminating de-cluttering by giving you additional ports to connect your input devices like mouse, keyboard, and flash drive at once.

So, now you have a good understanding of what to look for in a USB Hub keyboard and its benefits. We hope this guide has help you to choose the best keyboard with USB hub for your needs. If you have any questions feel free to ask us. We are happy to assist you with your decision.

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