Best USB Beard Trimmer (Reviews and Guide)

Growing a beard is great, but keeping it well-groomed can be tricky. We all want to look good, but it’s hard to find the right device for your needs.

We all know that growing a beard or mustache can make you look more handsome and manly, but it’s hard to keep your facial hair looking good. You have to shave every day or else you’ll end up with a scraggly mess of whiskers on your face. But who wants to spend time shaving every single day? That’s too much work!

You want to look your best and you know that having a beard makes it easier for people to remember you. But, unless you’re willing to spend hours trimming every day, your beard will always be too long or unevenly cut.

Most trimmers are messy and inconvenient. They take up too much space, they’re hard to clean and they don’t work well with sensitive skin or long beards.

The USB trimmer solves this problem by allowing you to trim your facial hair down in just seconds without having to worry about getting rid of the whole thing.

We will help you to find the best USB beard trimmer. Following are the products that we have picked.

Best USB Beard Trimmer – Our picks

With the right tool, growing a great-looking beard is easy and painless. If you’re tired of paying expensive barbers and still not getting the results that you want then we’ve got something special for you.

Here are the best-recommended USB trimmers that we have in our picks.

1. Pynogeez USB beard trimmer (Best overall)

The Pynogeez USB trimmer is the perfect grooming tool for your beard. It comes with everything you need – Titanium blades, ergonomic design, powerful rotary motor, and a sturdy exterior that’s built to last.

The titanium blades are one of the best features of this trimmer because they’re rust-resistant and hypoallergenic. They’re super sharp and they’ll never pull or tug at your beard like some other trimmers can, which means that you’ll get a smooth, clean-cut without ever having to worry about irritating your skin and causing discomfort.

This USB c charging trimmer is perfect for men that are always on the go because it allows you to charge your trimmer anywhere with only a USB type C port, which is super convenient. It can be fully charged in only 2 hours. ·

You’ll get 120 minutes of cordless use after a full charge which means that you can attend to your grooming needs no matter where you are.

The company provides a 12-month free replacement warranty for this trimmer to show how much they trust in their product.

This product is perfect for all kinds of beards, including sensitive skin and a long beard. It’s the best beard trimmer for men.

  • Small body design

  • Easy to hold in hand

  • Powerful Rotary Motor

  • Sometimes the motor works slowly.
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2. Oupool USB beard trimmer

This is one of the most versatile beard trimmer kits you will ever use. The styling of this unit is ergonomically friendly. The design of this product can be easily seen in terms of its appearance, this device has been designed with smooth and rounded edges which makes it easy to handle.

It has a super-sharp T-Blade which is made of stainless steel blades with surgical quality and can be used for both wet and dry shaving. The thing we liked about this trimmer is that it provides the user to carry out precise trimming and detailed shaving with its turbo-power motor that has 14000 rpm rotations per minute.

You will also be pleased to know that this trimmer is fully waterproof and you can even use it under the shower, so you can easily clean it. It comes with additional tools like nose, ear, and eyebrow trimmers. It has an LED display to show the length settings.

Also, it has a built-in 1500mAh Li-ion battery which takes only 2 hours to get fully charged and the battery life is also great with 120 minutes of cordless use after a full charge. This USB c beard trimmer is compatible with any USB power supply device, like laptops, car chargers, mobile power supplies, etc.

The low noise of this package makes this device very appropriate for use in a shared dorm or bedroom environment.

We would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a beard trimmer kit that they can take on their travels. This is one of the most amazing shaving kits available in the market right now for the price and features it offers.

  • Deluxe Hair Clippers

  • Powerful Motor

  • Low Noise (Low Noise less than 60 decibels)

  • The only limitation with this unit is, it has fixed length settings that are not adjustable.
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3. YOGINGO USB beard trimmer (Best for professional use)

This trimmer has an ergonomic design that makes it easy for anyone to use, even if they’ve never used one before. It also comes with multiple attachments so you can choose how long or short you want your facial hair trimmed down at any given time.

No other product on the market offers such convenience while still being affordable. This is the best USB c trimmer which is an innovative new product that can help any man grow his dream beard with no hassle at all.

It is waterproof, so it is safe to use in wet or dry conditions, no matter you are shaving your beard in the bathroom or outdoor. The blades are self-sharpening, long service life, and quick charge. It is also cordless/corded design for unlimited hair shaving at any time anywhere.

It has one of the most reputable brands for hair clippers. They are well built, do not feel cheap and they cut very well. The price is also very affordable. It is suitable for professional use if you have a shop or barbershop.

This Trimmer has a long service life, it will remain the function as new for years. It can be charged by USB cable, so you can charge it from your laptop or power bank whenever and wherever. USB quick charge is especially useful for travelers.

This tiny device uses powerful magnetic technology to quickly trim unwanted hair from your face in just seconds. No more spending time on painful plucking or waiting weeks between trips to the barber.

  • Satisfactory customer service

  • Unique & cordless/corded design

  • R Shaped Sharp Angle Design

  • None found yet.
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4. SUPRENT USB beard trimmer

This trimmer is as versatile as the others, but it still gets the job done. It can be used for trimming beard or mustache or for body grooming. The USB charging feature makes it convenient and easy to charge anywhere you go.

The LED light indicates the battery capacity of the trimmer during charging. Green means more than 75% power remains, red means less than 25% power remains. If no LED is lit, it means the trimmer is not yet fully charged.

After charging, take out the trimmer from the power outlet and press the power button. The LED light will indicate battery capacity when lit up in green. The red indicator turns off after the trimmer starts operating.

LED flashing three times indicates low battery capacity and the trimmer should be recharged as soon as possible. The blades sharpen themselves during operation to ensure a self-sharpening experience. It also comes with a two-years Warranty.

The blades should be oiled from time to time after washing. The blades can be oiled by inserting two to three drops of machine oil into the screw hole on the head and tightening it up again. For best performance, clean the trimmer as often as possible.

This unit is waterproof. It can be washed under running water. The hair chamber can also be detached and cleaned. For easy storage and convenience, the trimmer comes with a plastic cap.

The trimmer is chargeable by USB. It can be charged from a power outlet or powered bank. In just about 60 minutes, the trimmer is fully charged. For charging, press the power button to check if it’s working.

This is one of the best USB c beard trimmer in the market. It’s a complete trimmer, but it’s easy to carry around because of its small size and lightweight.

  • Easy to use

  • USB LED charging and waterproof feature

  • Comes with a 2 years Warranty

  • This trimmer is a little loud.
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5. PHILIPS Norelco USB beard trimmer (Best in the low budget)

The philips beard trimmer is a top-rated beard trimmer that solves cleanliness problems by being fully washable under running water. This beard trimmer uses a USB to charge the unit.

It has an 18 lock length setting system so you can choose the exact length of hair you want to be cut off without worrying about making mistakes while trimming your facial hair and a vacuum feature that sucks up most of the hairs as you trim them which means less cleanup afterward.

It even comes with a 2-year warranty from this company if anything happens during regular use within this period. Its Cordless Operation-running time is 1 hour. The shaver has a “quick charge” feature that gives the unit enough power to shave up to three full times after a 10-minute charge.

The Steel blades are self-sharpening which means they are constantly moving against each other while the unit is in use, sharpening themselves as you trim. The blades are made from stainless steel which means not only are they self-sharpening but will remain rust and corrosion-free while in use. In addition to these features, the blades are close-cutting which means they will not leave a long stubble look.

This USB-type C beard trimmer is sturdy yet good-looking. It has a sleek design with silver and black plastic accents making it look like something you would want to be used in the first place.

The trimmer comes with the following: Beard comb, body comb, adjustable beard guide, and a cleaning brush. This allows you to choose different beard lengths depending on your preferences.

You can also trim hair with the body comb or one of the easy clean combs that are attached to the bottom of the trimmer and you will not have to worry about cleaning up your mess after you trim because it comes with a built-in vacuum system that sucks up most of your hairs while you trim.

  • Vacuum System

  • 18 lock length setting system

  • Cordless Operation

  • Its design can be improved.
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6. Fhuesion USB beard trimmer

The trimmer comes with five different eyebrow combs with different lengths. The blades are self-sharpening and made from Japanese stainless steel that also reduces razor bumps, making them a suitable choice for men.

It also comes with a small brush that helps clean the blades; this makes it easy to maintain and use. It can be used either cordless or plugged in via USB.

The Fhuesion USB beard trimmer with a multi-length blade has a programmable 12-stage sequenced set of 7 maintenance modes that can lock in the desired length setting. The high-performance trimmer sports an LED light to help you see your progress.

The built-in lithium-ion battery is a rechargeable-fast charge time of only 2 hours and good battery life of 90 minutes per full charge. It comes complete with a wall charger, blade guards, cleaning brush, charging stand, and 3 blades, two for trimming and one for detailer mode.

This USB c charging beard trimmer is a small, lightweight, travel-friendly trimmer with a sleek design and multiple settings. It’s a trimmer for men who want flexible functionality and powerful performance.

  • Small and lightweight

  • Powerful performance

  • 7 maintenance modes

  • Can sometimes be too powerful for beginners.
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How To Choose Best USB Beard Trimmer – Buying Guide

Choosing the right beard trimmer can be a daunting task for most men. There are several things you should consider when looking to buy one. Here are a few buying tips to help you choose the best USB charging beard trimmer.


Beard trimmers are available in various price ranges. Some beard trimmers can be quite pricey though they can offer more features than other trimmers. But this doesn’t mean that expensive beard trimmers are always the best. You can get the best USB charging beard trimmer at an affordable price. Besides, you can always go for a more expensive model if the features it comes with appeal to you.

Charging method

Before you buy a beard trimmer, consider how it is powered. Will it use electricity or is it rechargeable? If so, is it a replaceable battery or does it have a built-in rechargeable battery? These answers will depend on your lifestyle. If you are constantly on the go, you will need a trimmer that is rechargeable so you can plug it in while at home. Also, choose USB type c beard trimmer because recharge fast and allows you to trim while it recharges.

Corded vs cordless

All beard trimmers are either battery-operated or corded. Check the length of the cord to find out if it will get in your way. Beard trimmers with longer cords are more suitable for daily use. If you travel a lot, try to find cordless beard trimmers because they are easier to pack and carry.

Motor strength

Of course, a beard trimmer should have a powerful motor to ensure you get the job done as quickly as possible.


Most USB beard trimmers come with accessories such as a USB charging cable and a pouch for storage. Some USB type c beard trimmers also come with grooming tools such as a cleaning brush, comb attachments, etc. These are just some of the details you should check out when choosing a beard trimmer.


Q. Why do I need a USB beard trimmer?

A. You need a USB beard trimmer because with the help of it you will get rid of wires and you can also use it without electrical power for many hours.

Q. What is a self-sharpening blade in a trimmer?

A. A self-sharpening blade is a sharpening system in which the angle of the edge stays constant when honing.

Q. Do all USB beard trimmers come with a charging cradle?

A. Yes, all USB beard trimmers have a charging cradle so that you can easily charge them.

Q. Can a USB Beard trimmer be used for hair cutting?

A. Yes, a USB beard trimmer can also be used for hair cutting due to its curved blades.


USB beard trimmers are the best thing that happened to men who want to keep their faces tidy. These trimmers allow you to shave anywhere as long as you have access to a USB port. You can also use it without electricity for many hours and some of them have up to 2 hours of battery. You can use them to shave your head and they are also very useful for people with curly hair that is difficult to cut with regular razors.

We hope that our article helped you buy the best USB beard trimmer. If you liked this guide please share it with your friends.

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