Best USB Speakers For TV Reviews

Best USB Speakers For TV

We all love watching TV, but sometimes the sound just isn’t good enough. The solution to this problem is simple – get a set of USB speakers for your TV! These are small and easy to use. You can plug them into any TV, laptop, or PC with a USB port and experience an enhanced, full sound.

We all know that TV is the best entertainment source in the world. It helps us to relax and forget about our problems, but sometimes it can be hard to hear what people are saying over background noise or your neighbor’s loud music. This is where USB speakers for TV can help.

By using one of these speakers, you’ll be able to listen clearly even when there is background noise in your home or apartment building. We know how annoying it is to miss what people say, especially if the show you’re watching has an intense storyline.

We are here to help you find all the information on different models and brands available today. Our team have tested dozens of devices and we will share our findings with our readers. Our reviews are unbiased and based only on real user experience. That way, when choosing your product, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises!

List of Best USB Speakers for TV

1: Majority Bowfell USB TV Speakers

2: TuparGo Sound bar Speaker for TV

3: TOPVISION 36-Inch Sound Bars

4: Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play 

5: Smalody USB Powered Speakers 

USB Speakers for TV – Detailed Reviews of Top 5 Picks

We have chosen the 5 best external speakers for TV based on different criteria: Quality, Usability, Durability, Size, and Features. Our team has tested these products ourselves before making any conclusions so you can be sure that the information provided is 100% unbiased. We will also discuss the pros and cons of each product and help you make the right buying decision.

1. Majority Bowfell USB-Powered External Speakers for TV – (Our Top Pick)

This speaker is our top pick because it has everything you need to experience high-quality sound. It connects via audio cable, USB, RCA or Bluetooth, so it’s compatible with any TV. It has a compact design so you can place it in front or behind the TV screen or mount it on the wall, so no matter where you place it, the sound will be heard clearly.

We tested it with TVs from different manufacturers and it worked well with all of them. The design allows you to plug in a USB cable for power so you don’t need an additional power outlet.

Now let’s discuss each criteria that we used to rate these speakers.

Sound Quality:

We were very impressed by the sound quality of this speaker. It has 50-watt power so it’s very powerful and it is reflected in the sound. Even when you’re listening to music at high volume, there is no static or buzzing. This speaker produces deep bass and very crisp sounds. The sound was clear, but warm at the same time.


The Majority has made this USB speaker very easy to use. They connect with TVs and computers easily and the setup process is very simple. There is an in-built remote control so you can adjust sound, change tracks or play/pause the music. It also has Bluetooth connectivity for wireless use.

You can also connect a 3.5mm audio cable or any other audio output from your TV to the speaker.

The speaker has dual RCA inputs that you can use simultaneously. You can also install the speaker on the wall or behind your TV screen with included brackets.


In our opinion, this is one of the most durable speakers we have tested. The majority has made this speaker from top quality materials and it shows. The speaker’s body is made of strong metal so it won’t break easily.


It is in bar shape and very compact, which means you can put it anywhere without taking too much space. It is 15 inch long, while its height is 2.9 inches and width is 8.4 inches.

  • Compact design

  • Connects via RCA, USB or Bluetooth

  • Dual RCA inputs

  • Remote control

  • No cons!
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Our Verdict:

This speaker has everything you need to get the best sound quality from your TV. The design is modern, it’s durable and compact. It has extensive compatibility and ease of use. We highly recommend this product to anyone who wants great sound from their TV.

2. TuparGo N5 Sound bar USB Powered Speaker for TV

This is another USB-powered speaker that stands out from the crowd. Our team tested it with different TVs and computers, and we were very impressed with the way this speaker performed.

It’s a sound bar that has two speakers placed inside it. If you are looking for a sound bar with good performance, then you should definitely consider buying this speaker.

What makes TuparGo N5 best USB speaker for TV?

The TuparGo N5 with its slim and sleek design is a perfect match for most of the modern TVs. This sound bar will fit perfectly under your TV without taking too much space. We were able to adjust it anywhere we wanted.

Sound Quality:

If you love stereo sound then you’re going to love this speaker. It delivers great stereo sound that imitates the surround sound experience. Of course, it won’t be exactly the same as surround sound, but if you are looking for a speaker that provides good quality stereo sound at an affordable price then this is it.

The sound is very clear and it doesn’t make annoying static sounds. It also offers a deep bass and a lot of details in the high frequencies.


The TuparGo N5 sound bar is very easy to use, so it doesn’t matter if you plan to use it with your PC, laptop, or TV. It is plug-n-play which means you don’t need to deal with complicated installation procedures just to get the sound of your TV.

It has two options Aux and USB to connect to different devices. For example, if you connect it to your laptop via USB it will work as a normal speaker. If you connect it to TV via Aux cable or USB port, then it will automatically turn into a soundbar with TV speakers. But one feature that we missed in this speaker is Bluetooth connectivity, which should have been included in this sound bar.


The build quality of this speaker surprised us because most of the time speaker manufacturers cut corners when it comes to durability. The body is made of ABS plastic that makes it a very durable speaker with a long lifespan.

Thanks to the hard plastic exterior, it has a rubberized layer that prevents it from sliding. You can place it under your TV without worrying about any kind of damage.


Just like other soundbars, this is a very compact speaker. It’s only 12.5 inches long and 3-inch wide which makes it perfect for TVs.

  • Great design

  • Provides clear and loud sound

  • Compact size

  • Easy to use external speaker

  • No Bluetooth connectivity

  • Cable for AUX cable could have been better

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Our verdict:

We will recommend this sound bar to anyone who is looking for a good quality speaker at an affordable price point. It delivers clear, detailed, and loud stereo sound. It’s also very easy to use, durable and compact which makes it perfect for almost any environment.

3. TOPVISION 36-Inch Sound Bar – Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Looking for the best home theater speaker system that is Bluetooth enabled? Choose TOPVISION 36-Inch 3D Surround Sound Speaker. This surround sound bar comes with a digital amplifier channel with features such as USB, Bluetooth 5.0, RCA, Coaxial, Optical, HDMI ARC inputs.

We loved its design and control functions that are placed at the top of this sound bar. Our team loved its Bluetooth feature the most, which is a great addition to this sound bar. To be honest, there aren’t many Bluetooth-enabled sound bars at this price range.

What makes TOPVISION Sound Bar the best USB speaker for TV?

Out of the box, this USB powered sound bar has the best design and you’ll love its sleek outlook. You get plenty of features such as 3D Surround sound which we loved because of its crispy audio.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality was crisp and clear. We did not hear any distortions when playing the decibel at maximum capacity.

We experienced a power-packed performance with the bass and the midrange. You don’t need to buy any additional subwoofers to enjoy its powerful dance music because this 120W speaker comes with all the power for bass lovers. Moreover, the 3D sound experience is incredible and we would rate this as the best home theater surround sound system.


Our team was impressed with the control options available on this sound bar. The buttons are placed at the top of the sound bar, which makes it easily accessible while sitting on your couch. We didn’t face any issues while controlling the functions and we did not feel like we were operating a sound bar.

You can easily connect your TV and other devices through the HDMI, Coaxial and Optical inputs.


We did not find any issues with its durability while using it for 3 days straight. However, our team did not test the water-resistant feature of this speaker.


The TOPVISION sound bar is a 36-inch model, which is large enough for all your requirements. You can also install it both ways horizontally and vertically that makes it a great option for every home.

  • Three-dimensional sound effect.

  • Powerful sound at a great price.

  • The design is sleek and stylish.

  • Simple controls options.

  • You can’t adjust the height.
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Our Verdict:

We recommend TOPVISION 36-Inch Sound Bars if you love watching 3D movies and listening to music. The performance is the best in this price range and we were highly impressed with every function of this sound bar.

4. Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Speakers

Dubbed as the best TV speakers for home use, AmazonBasics USB Plug-n-Play Speakers are among the favorite choices of music enthusiasts. At a price range of under $30, this model comes with plenty of useful features that make it the best USB speaker for TV.

These speakers are different from other speaker systems on this list and that is also a reason we picked them. They are not in a sound bar shape but round cone-like in shape. We like the padded base to make it scratch-free and sturdy. We also liked its volume adjustable buttons that come with a pleasant silver lining.

Sound Quality:

These USB Plug-n-Play Speakers provide decent sound quality and you will be able to fill your room with loud music. You can use them for audio calls on Skype or some other VoIP service on your laptop. We also liked the volume-boost feature that is available on these speakers.


You can connect it to any device with a USB port as they only have the ability to connect via USB but that is all we are asking for. If you are looking for high-quality sound output for your TV, this USB speaker is the best option in the market right now.

The control buttons are easy to use and you can easily adjust the bass, midrange, and treble.


They are ideal for daily use and you can use them for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It will easily last for a long time if you take care of it well plus, they are budget-friendly as well.


The speakers have very small size which you can place anywhere like table, shelf, or even on your computer desk. It has a dimension of 3.9 x 2.6 x 2.8 inches (LxWxH) and it weighs 1.5 pounds, which is quite lightweight.

  • Affordable

  • Easy to connect

  • Stylish design with volume control buttons.

  • Padded base for the scratch-free experience.

  • No Bluetooth connectivity.
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Our Verdict:

If you are looking for an affordable USB speaker for TV, AmazonBasics USB Plug-n-Play Speakers is the perfect option. They are not in a sound bar shape but you can easily place these speakers on your TV set or anywhere around it.

5. Smalody USB Powered Speakers 

This is another cheap USB Powered Speaker that provides full value for money. If you are looking for an affordable speaker that can easily fit on your TV set then Smalody USB Speakers is the best option.

These speakers can provide a full range of sound and you will be able to hear crystal-clear sound with these speakers.

They are basically desktop speakers but you can also use them to connect to your TV set because Smalody has provided support for all kinds of TV sets.

These speakers will give you a top-notch sound experience and we were highly impressed with their performance.

Let’s look at some of the key features of these speakers:

Sound Quality:

These are two 5W each speaker that can deliver loud stereo sound with high-quality audio experience. It features both bass and treble controls so you can easily adjust the sound quality by using these buttons.

For better effect, we tested them by keeping them 1.5 meters apart and the result was amazing. We didn’t face any kind of distortion and they also provide a little bit of noise cancellation experience.


These speakers are perfect for daily use at home or in your office. You can easily connect them to your TV set via USB port and they will be ready to provide you the best sound experience.

They are very user-friendly and you can easily connect to your PC, laptop, and TV without any extra effort. You also have the option to connect them via an auxiliary port if you don’t want to use a USB connection.

The connectivity is very smooth and the auxiliary cable that is provided with the speakers is long enough.


Quality is decent but top-notch as you can expect from speakers that are priced under $20 but they do not compromise on sound quality which is clear from the above-mentioned features.


Smalody comes with a small size as they are designed to fit on your desktop or TV easily. They have a weight around 1 pound and the dimension of these speakers is .6 11x 2.4 x 2.5 inches (HxWxD).

  • Affordable price.

  • Decent bass and treble.

  • Top-notch sound quality.

  • Aux and USB connectivity

  • No Bluetooth

  • Build quality can be improved.

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Our Verdict:

They are cheap and can deliver an amazing sound quality for your TV set. You can connect them via both USB or AUX ports so if you want to use them on your TV, we will recommend you to go with the USB connection.

Benefits of using USB Speakers For TV

These days, TVs are not just used for watching your favorite shows but they are also part of the home entertainment system. For this, you will require a good sound system that can enhance the viewing experience.

We will recommend using USB speakers because it is comparatively cheap and delivers great sound performance. These speakers are very convenient to use and they can be plugged directly into your USB port.


  1. The sound quality of these speakers is excellent when compared to other sound systems.
  2. They are very suitable for watching movies or listening to music on your media player.
  3. You will need a minimum arrangement for the installation process and it adds up to the convenience.
  4. They are also very portable and can be used with a number of other devices like laptops, PC, gaming consoles, PS4, etc.
  5. They are compatible with most of the TV sets available in the market.
  6. The best part about USB speakers is that they do not require too much power and can be used without any hassle.
  7. These speakers are very stylish and they come in various sizes which will make them fit in most places where required.

So, this is all about the benefits of using USB speakers for TV. It can be a great choice for you if you do not want to spend too much money on sound systems.


So, these are some of our top picks for USB speakers which you can use with your TV. They will improve the quality of sound and can be used to watch movies or listen to music.

This list is based on popularity, performance, value for money, and added features so it will help you choose the right model without spending too much time researching online.

If you think we have missed out on any good USB speakers then feel free to share your views in the comments section below.


Q. Can you use USB speakers on a TV?

Yes, you can use USB-powered speakers on a TV set if they support the USB connection.

Q. Are USB speakers better than other sound systems?

These speakers are relatively cheap and the sound quality is also good. So in that sense, they are better than many other options available in the market.

Q. What are the different types of USB speakers?

There are two main types of USB speakers – wired and wireless. You can choose any depending on your requirements.

Q. Can you use these speakers on a PC or laptop?

Yes, USB speakers can easily be connected to laptops and even PCs because of their universal compatibility.

Q. How to connect USB speakers to a TV?

Most USB speakers will come with a 3.5mm stereo input which can be connected to the headphone output on your TV set or if you have a smart tv then you can connect via the USB port of your TV.

Q. Can you get USB speakers with Bluetooth?

Yes, there are many wireless speakers available in the market which will allow connectivity via Bluetooth so it is surely an option for you to explore. We have reviewed some models with Bluetooth connectivity above.

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