Best USB LED Light Strips

Best USB LED Light Strips

If you’re looking for a way to add some style and elegance to your home or office, with bright LED lights, then this article is for you.

USB LED light strips and tape are one of the most popular lighting solutions for decorating buildings and offices. They can be used to brighten up a space, highlight an area or create ambiance. They are much better than the normal wired LED lights and they come with complete control via a wireless remote.

It is not easy to find a reliable, high-quality LED strip light. There are so many brands on the market, each with its own unique features. It seems, however, that most USB LED lights are not reliable and durable, and there are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a strip.

So, the question that arises here is how to choose the best LED strip lights for bedroom or an office.

Well, don’t worry we are to help you. If you’re thinking about buying some lights, but aren’t sure which ones would fit your needs best, then this guide is for you! We’ve put together a list of the top products on the market that we think will help illuminate any space.

Best USB LED Light Strips – Our Top Picks

When you’re looking for the best USB LED Light Strips, you should consider what level of intensity and brightness you need, and there are many more things to look out for. There is a wide range of LED lights available on the market from different companies. Most of them look quite similar to one another, so it’s important to know about the basic features of each product and then decide from them which product suits you the most.

Following are our top picks for best-LED strip lights 2020 and 2021, from which you can select your favorite one.

1. Tenmiro USB LED Strip Lights (Best in the Low Budget)

This is a colorful LED strip light offering 8 lighting modes (jump, fade, flash, etc.). It has been manufactured from high-quality material and it looks quite durable. The installation of this strip is super easy and it comes with an adhesive backing. Tenmiro USB LED strip light has an automatic switching function, so you can easily change the color of the lights with a simple press on the button.

It can be cut almost anywhere depending on your preference. The best thing about this product is that it has an outdoor function, meaning you can use it both indoors and outdoors. It comes with a long cable of 65.6ft, so you can attach it to any area you want.

This is the best-long USB LED strip lights 2020 and the most popular LED strip lights among people. The DIY function of this strip makes it unique and the presence of a 44key controller ensures easy control. The remote controller will play a vital role in changing the lighting modes.

In our opinion, these LED strip lights have been priced perfectly for this quality and features. This is one of the most reliable LED strip lights out there on the market.

It has wide application and can be used to decorate your home, kitchen, desk, stairs, bar, etc. The back of the TV feature makes them the perfect USB LED light strip for TV. The whole package is lightweight and you can carry it easily. It comes with a warranty of one year.

We recommend this product to those people who are looking for an affordable, durable, and long-lasting USB-LED strip light.

  • 44key IR remote

  • Cuttable and Linkable

  • Best outdoor LED strip lights

  • DIY Function

  • It installation manual is not so good.
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2. Govee LED Strip Lights

The Govee smart LED strip lights are one of the most stylish of all our night lights on this list. They provide 16 different colors, including some vibrant ones like purple, gold, and even green! The lights themselves are very bright and can be set for one color, stroking effect, or fade.

44 key remote controller is super useful and makes it easy to turn the lights on and off or change colors. It has a range of up to 10 meters which is a good distance for people who don’t have lights near their bed or somewhere else they spend most of their time. They did a great job with keeping the controller small since some LED strip lights controllers are bulky.

Lights themselves are pretty rugged and can be used for all types of setups, not just night lights. They make a great option for a housewarming gift if someone has just moved into a new place. They can also be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, bars, countertops, balconies, and even just on a counter for under-cabinet lighting.

The lights are pretty thin so they can be hidden behind furniture. This USB RGB light strip is also water-resistant so it can be used outdoors, in the shower, or any other wet area.

This unit can be installed in less than half an hour, with no need to drill or screw any additional parts into the walls. All you have to do is stick them anywhere and plug them into a power outlet.

  • 16 Different Colors

  • 44 Key Remote Controller

  • Great for Indoor and Outdoor

  • Water-Resistant Design

  • The remote control range can be increased.
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3. Elgato LED Strip Lights (Best for professional use)

The Elgato strip is one of the most popular LED strips on the market, and for good reason. It’s very high pixel density and the fact it uses the same LED chips as Mind sensors, if not more in certain cases, makes it a very attractive choice.

Its ultra-bright 2000-lumen output is easily enough to fully light a 12″x12″ build area, even with the brightness set to 100% on some machines. This makes it a great choice for lighting a Makerspace or school, allowing your printer to be seen from a ways off.

It also uses Stream Deck Integration by which you can control the lights using your Stream Deck(s), so that if you’re streaming on Twitch or Mixer, you can change the color of your LED lights to match.

The thing we liked most about these light is there controllable light brightness and onboard buttons for turning the lights on and off, dimming them to 10% of their max output, and even turning the color cycling feature on.

This product is the best RGB strips for PC and can be daisy-chained to another LED strip, so you can control up to 26 feet of LEDs with a single wire going from the power supply. This is great for lighting a room, as you can make sure it’s evenly lit.

Also, this light strip is so thin, you can run them right underneath the printer nozzles. These lights have a strong tesa adhesive back, which means you can secure these strips firmly to any surface without fear of them falling off.

You can control these lights via an app on your android phone, Windows software, OSX software, and also Apple phone iOS.

They are portable and lightweight, which means you could just pick them up and bring them to events or a friend’s house, and even run cable behind the walls if you have the skill to and it can be used with any 12v 3a power supply.

  • Best USB LED light strip for car

  • Great neutral white color

  • Can be dimmed down to 10%

  • Beautiful bright colors 

  • They are a little bit expensive.
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4. Sylvwin LED Strip Lights (USB RGB LED strip PC)

These LED Strip Lights are among the best strips on the market. The product is sold in single, 16.4ft long strips that come in a variety of different colors and brightness levels.

Depending on the color, it will emit either a soft white glow or a warm white glow at either 30 or 60 lumens per foot. This is the perfect strip to use as warm under-cabinet lighting, backlighting for art or signage, cove lighting, and more.

The Sylvania LED Strip Lights are great because they emit low heat, are waterproof and have a mounting tape that is strong but also easy to remove. They are perfect for use in tight spaces.

These lights have a strong adhesive tape that is easy to remove and leaves no residue. This makes it simple to install them in a variety of locations and with several materials.

They are simple to custom cut to the desired length. Simply cut them with a pair of sharp scissors every three LEDs (with the lights on) and they will come apart without damaging the product.

They can also be linked together with the Sylvania Connector for even more ways to use them. This will allow you to create custom-sized lighting without wasting any material or creating excess waste.

This product comes with 4 different lighting modes, including smooth blending between colors and several white light settings. This allows you to match the strip lights to your mood or the mode of the room.

It has wireless remote control that allows you to adjust the lighting up to 23 feet away. This means you can change the lighting of your sign, art, or under-cabinet lights without needing to climb a ladder or without needing to stretch the strip lights.

This unit has 12-volt safe voltage, which means you can safely use these lights just about anywhere. This includes cars, trucks, and boats.

They can be used in a wide variety of different settings, including under cabinets, behind the art, in cars and trucks, as well as to brighten upstairs or other rooms. It comes with a two-year warranty.

  • Easy Manipulation

  • Waterproof

  • Good Color Selection

  • Safe Voltage 

  • None found yet.
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5. BASON – usb LED light strip for tv 

This is a great light strip! You can plug it into the USB port on our TV. It comes with a little remote to control the brightness level. It has a bendable neck so you can angle the light any way you want.

This USB-LED light strip with remote is slimmer that is thinner and easier to use. It comes with 4 brightness levels and also offers a “mood” setting where you can choose from 10 different colors.

It has a great feature- you can set it to come on and off at specified times. You can set the timer for 30 min., 1 hr, or 2hrs.

Also, it has a little clip on the back which makes it easy to attach to your TV! It’s easily adjustable, so you can angle the light to shine on the wall. You can also use it for gaming purposes. This is a cool thing- you can set the light to flash, fade, and strobe.

The product has some cool color choices to choose from. Now you can plug it into your USB port and it doesn’t use a lot of power. The strip is ideal for 32-58 inch TVs or monitors! You can angle this light strip to shine on the wall, or place it flat on your desk. ·

It comes with a mini-receiver that you can plug into your USB port and it has a great range! This can be used as backlighting for TVs, monitors, even laptops!

Overall, this is a great light strip for the price. We love that you can use it for TVs, monitors, laptops! It is easy to install and offers great features.

  • Multi-purpose

  • Easy to install

  • Angle it any which way you want

  • Control the light brightness level 

  • Remote could be more user-friendly.
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6. Nexillumi USB LED light strip

It is the best USB-LED light strip and has a good number of positive attributes starting with the packaging. The product packaging is quite nice and classy, the light strip is protected by some stiff foam rubber. A small neat pouch contains both the USB power cable and the AC power brick.

A nice touch is the use of a coated cable, this means that it is more tangle-free than most USB cables. The length of the cable is 500 cm which means that it should be enough for most uses.

The light strip itself has a high-quality look about it, it’s not just a bit of cheap plastic with LED lights attached. The product itself has 3 different modes (static, programmable, and breathing). It is very easy to attach it to the desired location, Nexillumi included two different sized adhesive tapes. The light strip can be cut down to shorter pieces.

It is virtually tangle-free, this is achieved by the use of 3M adhesive tape strips at either end. This also means that it is possible to move the lights around if you need to attach them to a different location.

  • Very nice looking

  • Coated USB cable for tangle-free use

  • Decent length of the USB cable (500 cm)

  • 3M adhesive tapes

  • The price could be a bit lower.
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7. Novostella USB LED light strip (Best overall)

The 79ft Novostella USB LED strip is the best overall in terms of brightness, ease of installation and has 2688 LEDs.

It offers 10 brightness levels to select from. The lowest brightness is suitable for light night light applications, and the highest brightness will illuminate your house or office beautifully.

It also has the best color rendering index (CRI) of 90. The light will look like daylight and won’t make your skin or pets sick. This is the best USB RGB light strip.

This light strip offers a warm white color temperature of 4500k, which is similar to the color temperature of incandescent bulbs, and it also has a warm white color temperature of 3000k.

They are CE and RoHS compliant. They meet all safety requirements, so you can rest assured with Novostella LED light strips. It has an upgraded RF remote control. The remote can be used to change the brightness, speed, and color of the LED light strip.

  • Upgraded RF Remote

  • Easy Installation

  • Widely used

  • 30 days money-back guarantee and 12 months free warranty

  • Sometimes the light is too bright.
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Q. How do you use USB-powered lights?

A. You can plug them into a port on your console, PC, or any other device that has USB connectors. There are also USB power adapters that you can plug into existing AC outlets.

Q. How long do USB LED lights last?

A. Well, they last for about 50,000-100,000 hours before you need to replace them, but they never actually burn up. The brightness of the light slowly decreases, so you will want to replace them before it gets too dim or burns out.

Q. What are some examples of devices that you can plug USB LED lights into?

A. There’s USB-powered speakers, USB-powered televisions, USB-powered lamps, and even refrigerators that have built-in USB ports. You can also plug them into your mobile phone or tablet charger.

Q. How long should I leave my USB lights on?

A. If you’re using the USB lights to light up a room, you should use them for as long as you need to. Some people use them while they’re working at their desk for an 8-hour workday. Others use the lights all night and turn them off when they go to bed.

Q. Can I cut and customize my USB lights?

A. Yes, it’s very easy to cut your light strip if you need smaller pieces. You can also buy extensions and add-ons for your light strip. ​You can use electrical tape to combine different sections of lights

Q. How bright are USB lights?

A. You can choose from a wide range of brightness levels and intensities depending on the type of USB light strip that you’re using. There are dimmable USB lights and non-dimmable ones. The brightest ones are about as bright as the 60-watt incandescent light bulbs that you may be used to.


USB lights are getting more and more popular among gamers, modders, PC builders, and people who like to customize their computers or TVs. USB-powered lights make it easier to achieve certain lighting effects and they don’t take up too much space.

They look good and they come at a low price, while still offering good quality and performance. These can be used as a replacement for traditional lights such as Christmas, or you can create art projects with them. They are a cheap alternative to smart lights and LIFX, Hue, and LUMILEDS.

All in all, USB-powered lights are a cheap solution for getting light with little effort and for customizing your gear. A decent USB RGB light strip will cost you around $30-$50, and it offers a great value for money.

We hope our list of best USB RGB light strips will help you choose a product that matches your needs and preferences.

If you are still confused choose the Novostella USB light strip, because it is the best overall in terms of brightness, ease of installation and has 2688 LEDs.

We hope you enjoyed our USB-LED strip light reviews. Please share this article with your friends if you find it helpful!

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